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Aktuális fogászati Árlistánk

Kiváló minőségű fogászati kezeléseink díjszabásai

First Steps

Oral exam

From 6.000 HUF


From 6.000 HUF

OPG x-ray

From 6.000 HUF


Scale and polish

From 20.000 HUF


Fisure sealing

From 9.500 HUF

Fissure plasty

From 14.500 HUF

Composite filling

Minimal invasive filling

From 14.500 HUF

One surface white filling

From 18.000 HUF

2 surface white composite filling

From 23.000 HUF

3 surface white composite filling

From 27.500 HUF

Root canal treatments

Root canal front tooth

From 20.000 HUF

Root canal bicuspidal

From 24.000 HUF

Rooth canal tricuspidal

From 28.000 HUF

Tooth whitening

Chairside ZOOM professional whitening

From 45.000 HUF

Whitening gel

From 7.000 HUF

Whitening tray

From 18.000 HUF

Tooth jewel

From 14.500 HUF


Alpha Bio implant

From 150.000 HUF

Abutment attachment

From 48.000 HUF

Straumann implant

From 250.000 HUF



from 10.000 HUF

Esthetic fix restauration

Porcelan fused to metal crown(PFM)

From 50.000 HUF

E-max non metal crown

From 54.000 HUF

Circonium crown

From 65.000 HUF

Post and core

From 18.000 HUF

Ceramics inlay

45.000 HUF

Gradia inlay

38.000 HUF

Facial Aesthetic treatments

Hyaluron derma Fillers

35.000 HUF/Area

Anti wrinkle treatment via BTX-A

45.000 HUF/Area


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